Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Solo Weekend

"I restore myself when I'm alone." 
--Marilyn Monroe 

Stephen took both kids camping this weekend. For those of you who may not have been math majors, that means I was home alone for about 32 hours. Well, that never happens.

I'd love to be able to tell you that I was very productive and did lots of housekeeping and volunteer work and finished -- heck, even started -- my Christmas shopping. But really I napped a good bit, watched Food Network and ate some junk food.

I tend to be a hermit and have to force myself to venture out, so I was kind of proud that I did send a last-minute text message to some of my girlfriends in the neighborhood to see if they could join me for dinner Saturday night. We had a group of five head out to dinner and then dessert. 


My, weren't we fancy!

Then today I went to church. It was a problem.

Today was the day each year that we recognize/remember those in our church who have died throughout the year. It has been a rough year for our church. We had five names listed -- all active members that are greatly missed. I didn't know that was happening today until I saw the names listed in the bulletin. Ruh roh!

The preacher started with my former pediatrician, a gruff gentleman with a heart of gold. Then he recognized an older man who served faithfully and quietly each Sunday. My eyes started to burn. Then he brought up Grandmama, and I melted into an actual puddle. Next up was my friend Malynda and finally the mother of one of my friends, who for 20 years loved the babies of our congregation (including Jack and Mo) in the nursery at church.

By that point, I was fully entrenched in an "ugly cry." Face scrunched up, throat emitting tiny embarrassing squeaks as I tried to choke back the sobs. 

(Dan, I promise I will bleach the mascara and blush out of your hankie and get it back to you. Thanks for passing it back to me.)

Once the waterworks started, I couldn't seem to pull it together. I was a teary mess for the rest of the service. It was pretty embarrassing, but it's shocking how much you can miss someone. I wasn't prepared to face it today.

But now I'm all better (although I am a little concerned about how I'll manage Thanksgiving, Christmas and January). My little family is back at home with me after having a big time overnight, and we are back in our routine getting ready for another busy week.

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