Monday, August 13, 2012

My Not-on-the-Bucket-List Bucket List

"Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me."
--Carl Sandburg

My daring leap into the river from a train trestle, which was not on my bucket list, led me to consider all of the things I've done in my life that were probably bucket-list-worthy (or at least kinda cool), if only I had known to plan for them.

Here's a taste:

- Went white-water rafting
- Toured the Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont
- Reported for and anchored a live, daily television newscast
- Was a reporter/anchor/producer for a live radio broadcast
- Spent a day with a homeless person
- Pitched for a state championship softball team:
I'm on the bottom row, far right.

- Accompanied police on several ride-alongs and on a drug bust

- Interviewed the tour bus driver for the Smashing Pumpkins
- Gave a eulogy at the funeral of a loved one
- Got my belly button pierced . . . twice

- Married my Stephen:
My Stephen and me

- Spent an afternoon riding along with a cab driver while a cab driver killer was on the loose
- Directed a wedding
- Started my own business
- Graduated with honors
- Emceed a pageant
- Made two children:
Pretty cute, yes?
- Taught myself Web design after accepting a job that required Web design skills
- Went on a Disney cruise
- Had entire digestive tract checked twice in a month's time. Okay, I probably wouldn't have wanted this, but it happened . . . so I'll roll with it.
- Was in the courtroom to report on the U.S. Air trial (U.S. Air Flight 1016)

- Was the top of a cheerleader pyramid:
Cheerleader days

- Was in the courtroom for a double murder trial and its penalty phase (and was asked out by the defendant's cousin. I politely declined.) The defendant was found guilty and was given the death penalty, which I reported live on the air.
- Ate escargot
- Swam at Atlantis in the Bahamas

- Swam with dolphins in the wild

- Saw a bald eagle in the wild
- Met skateboarder Tony Hawk and actress Tiffany Thornton (of Disney Channel fame):
Tony Hawk

- Fed a lion a rabbit on an overnight trip to the zoo
- Ate monkey food . . . not my proudest moment
- Sipped a fruity beverage out of a coconut
- Got a tattoo . . . in a bony location that is less likely to sag than others. Pretty smart, huh?
- Won a crown in a pageant:
Big hair, big smile . . . yep, that's a pageant.

- Formed and currently direct an adult church theater group
- Coached an athlete for the Special Olympics
- Took clogging and performed in the recital . . .  but I didn't have to wear one of those flouncy skirts. I wore red overalls instead.
- Own a hairless cat:
Sassy Cat

- Ate lobster in Maine

- Went snorkeling/saw a coral reef and barracuda

- Finished college early, with a double major

Now, tell me, what have you done that would have been on your bucket list, if only you had known it were possible?
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