Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Love Letter

"I'm just writin' about my little ol' love affair."

--Merle Haggard

My love,

How I have missed you these long summer months! It seemed time stood still as I waited for the day we could be together again.

I've missed your intoxicating scent, the way you make me smile, the way you make me feel about myself. I miss the way passers-by comment on how great we look together and the warmth you provide as you gently caress my calf.

You give me the confidence to tackle the day and walk just a bit taller.

Oh, boots! Labor Day is just a few days a way. If we can just survive the weekend, you can quit hiding in the closet and we can be together again.

I'll be counting down the seconds.

All my love,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Have a Secret

"Whoever wishes to keep a secret must hide the fact that he possesses one." 
--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

I have officially reached the end of my rope with clutter.

Shhhh, don't tell the kids, but tomorrow while they are enjoying their first day back to school, I'm going around the house with a garbage bag and throwing away all of their stuff that is not where it should be. 

Giggle, giggle, snort.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Not-on-the-Bucket-List Bucket List

"Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me."
--Carl Sandburg

My daring leap into the river from a train trestle, which was not on my bucket list, led me to consider all of the things I've done in my life that were probably bucket-list-worthy (or at least kinda cool), if only I had known to plan for them.

Here's a taste:

- Went white-water rafting
- Toured the Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont
- Reported for and anchored a live, daily television newscast
- Was a reporter/anchor/producer for a live radio broadcast
- Spent a day with a homeless person
- Pitched for a state championship softball team:
I'm on the bottom row, far right.

- Accompanied police on several ride-alongs and on a drug bust

- Interviewed the tour bus driver for the Smashing Pumpkins
- Gave a eulogy at the funeral of a loved one
- Got my belly button pierced . . . twice

- Married my Stephen:
My Stephen and me

- Spent an afternoon riding along with a cab driver while a cab driver killer was on the loose
- Directed a wedding
- Started my own business
- Graduated with honors
- Emceed a pageant
- Made two children:
Pretty cute, yes?
- Taught myself Web design after accepting a job that required Web design skills
- Went on a Disney cruise
- Had entire digestive tract checked twice in a month's time. Okay, I probably wouldn't have wanted this, but it happened . . . so I'll roll with it.
- Was in the courtroom to report on the U.S. Air trial (U.S. Air Flight 1016)

- Was the top of a cheerleader pyramid:
Cheerleader days

- Was in the courtroom for a double murder trial and its penalty phase (and was asked out by the defendant's cousin. I politely declined.) The defendant was found guilty and was given the death penalty, which I reported live on the air.
- Ate escargot
- Swam at Atlantis in the Bahamas

- Swam with dolphins in the wild

- Saw a bald eagle in the wild
- Met skateboarder Tony Hawk and actress Tiffany Thornton (of Disney Channel fame):
Tony Hawk

- Fed a lion a rabbit on an overnight trip to the zoo
- Ate monkey food . . . not my proudest moment
- Sipped a fruity beverage out of a coconut
- Got a tattoo . . . in a bony location that is less likely to sag than others. Pretty smart, huh?
- Won a crown in a pageant:
Big hair, big smile . . . yep, that's a pageant.

- Formed and currently direct an adult church theater group
- Coached an athlete for the Special Olympics
- Took clogging and performed in the recital . . .  but I didn't have to wear one of those flouncy skirts. I wore red overalls instead.
- Own a hairless cat:
Sassy Cat

- Ate lobster in Maine

- Went snorkeling/saw a coral reef and barracuda

- Finished college early, with a double major

Now, tell me, what have you done that would have been on your bucket list, if only you had known it were possible?

Monday, August 6, 2012


"All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience."
--Henry Miller

We take a trip down the Cooper River most years into Charleston with some sweet friends who are always kind enough to invite us. It's always a good time. We stop a number of times along the way to snack and chat and swim with the other boats making the trip.

Every year we go under a train trestle that runs across the river, and every year I say I want to jump from it, but I never had anyone willing to take the leap with me.

I can't believe I forgot to add it to the bucket list.

Well, this year we took along one of Stephen's work friends and her husband. And lo and behold, he was willing to climb up and plunge down into the river with me.

It looks much higher when you're standing on it.

Of course, in true KB fashion, I made sure the water was plenty deep before I ever climbed up. I had no interest in having my toes touch whatever was at the bottom of that river. I'm not totally reckless! 

Now, I've never so much as jumped off the high dive into a swimming pool, and my jumping buddy and I would never be mistaken for members of the Chinese Olympic synchronized diving team (those cats are insanely good), but we managed to hit the water with all of our parts intact AND had a fun time AND I managed to stay relevant to my 10-year-old son for just a bit longer . . . which made me think of all the cool/different/neat things I've done in my life that weren't on the bucket list.

I'm compiling a list. More to follow . . .