Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm No Yoga Master . . . or Artist

 "Blessed are the flexible,  for they shall not be bent out of shape."
--Author Unknown

I'm heading to the beach in a couple of weeks and am trying to tone up a bit before hitting the sand and surf. For me, that always means yoga. I've found it firms up problem areas faster than anything else I've tried. And since we go to the beach with Stephen's young, model-esque cousins, firming up is a must.

The first day is always the worst.

Instead of videotaping my yoga session to share (because nobody needs to see that), I decided to provide an artist's rendering of the event. (You can see how loose I am with the term "artist.")

From downward dog . . .

Raise your left leg.

As your leg reaches its maximum extension, bend at the knee and rotate your upper body to the left.
The asterisk in the pic indicates the blinding pain in my hip. I am not pointing to my girly parts, as my daughter thought when she saw the pic.
The end.

So, no, I am not quite bikini-ready, but I will get there . . . if I can get through these first couple of days.
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