Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just Saying No: #9 and #33 . . . Check!

"Sometimes I say the medication is even tougher than the illness."
--Sanya Richards-Ross

Let's just go ahead and file this post under "sharing too much." I'll probably looks back and say, "Why did I feel the need to tell everyone that?" But for today, I'm in a sharing kind of mood.


The day I had to buy one of those pill containers that has a slot for morning pills and bedtime pills to handle my prescription meds, I knew something had to give. I was on seven different prescriptions, and I was in my early 30s. 

Not sexy.

I've been on long-term prescription meds since I was 22. The number would vary from time to time, but I was always taking something. Most of the pills were to treat side effects of other pills . . . so I started to wonder how many of those pills I actually needed.

So I stopped taking them.

Now, I do not recommend doing what I did. I didn't consult with my doctor at all, and I'm sure I'm in for a stern talking to once he finds out. But I did wean myself off of my meds slowly over the course of about three months. I've been off of everything for about a month now.

They have been unpleasant months. There have been headaches, nausea, mood swings, fatigue, more mood swings, weird tingling sensations and serious, SERIOUS mood swings.

My poor family.

But I'm glad I did it. 

I've learned that most of the fatigue I've suffered over the past year was due to one of my prescriptions. I've learned that I can alleviate some of the joint pain from fibromyalgia with increased vitamin D. I've learned that I would rather deal with the skin sensitivity and pain than the fatigue and malaise I felt taking certain prescriptions.

I've learned that I feel tons better overall with fewer processed foods in my diet and an increase in cardiovascular workouts.

I've learned that I have a very understanding and patient family. I've learned that doctors don't know everything. I've learned that I probably do need one or two of my prescriptions and I'll go back on them eventually. But for now, I'm enjoying being chemical-free, even if I am a bit more emotional than I used to be and I do have days with significant pain. I've learned that I can grin and bear it.

So today I am checking numbers 9 and 33 off of the bucket list. Good riddance!
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