Monday, April 23, 2012

Something for Everyone

"Look for the good."
--My hubby

Happy Monday! I've noticed a lack of concentration in myself lately. Therefore, I couldn't decide what to blog about. Lucky for you, I'm trying to put off starting my editing work for the day, so I'm going to write about everything on my mind recently.

  • I have a sweet friend in the hospital on a ventilator fighting cancer. She has a son Jack's age, and my heart is hurting for her family. Plus, my great-aunt died unexpectedly this weekend. She was very close to my Granny (my dad's mom), and Granny will certainly feel her loss every day. While both of these things suck, they only reaffirm my belief that God works in mysterious ways, and while I don't always understand what He's doing, I'm thankful for the blessings that accompany each tragedy. "Sing for joy, O heavens, and be joyful, O earth, and break forth into singing, O mountains! For the Lord has comforted His people and will have compassion upon His afflicted." (Isaiah 49: 13)
  • I got these cute shoes a while back. They're red patent leather ballet flats. And I realized that you can wear red ballet flats with almost anything. I also realized that these particular shoes are the work of the devil and make me want to take them off and slap whoever made them across the face with them. It's like they hone in on the softest, most vulnerable skin on your foot (that little spot right under the ankle bone), and they rub against them mercilessly until you cry out in pain. But oh!, they are cute.
  • The children spotted some green anoles making sweet lizard love on Mo's windowsill. I'm not sure which amused me more: the fact that the event prompted lots of questions from 6-year-old Mo, or the fact that 10-year-old Jack thought he had all the answers.
  • I changed the heavy window panels in my master bedroom out for some crisp white sheers, and the result may have changed my life. It's so bright and airy in there now. I really like the look for spring and summer. Turns out, I really like sunlight.
  • I got crafty last week and made a wreath. I bought a wreath form and some pretty yarn from the craft store, pinned one end of the yarn to the form and started wrapping. It took about three nights of really good television viewing to wrap the whole thing. Then I added this cute little peacock feather embellishment. I may add more flowers or something to fill it out a bit. It's not my favorite artsy-craftsy project, but it's cute and has given me ideas for future projects. So there.
  • Dried cranberries may be the world's most underutilized food. I've become kind of addicted to them. I eat them straight from the bag, add them to oatmeal (to make it less like school paste), and give them to the kids to make them think they're eating candy while I slip them a few vitamins. I also discovered this surprisingly tasty salad. Combine steamed edamame (not in the shell, silly), dried cranberries and feta cheese in a bowl. Chill in the fridge, and enjoy. Yum-o! And it would be really pretty around Christmas with the red, green and white.

The end.

Have a great week.

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