Thursday, March 29, 2012

Treasures from Grandmama

"A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood."
--Charlotte Davis Kasl 

Last week, I talked about going through Grandmama's things and I showed you the candlestick holders that belonged to her mother.

As promised, here are some of the other items I picked up from Grandmama's house.

1. Pictures. Grandmama loved to keep pictures close. Of course, there were plenty of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But I picked up these two and know how she must have cherished them.

Grandmama's husband. My dear grandfather.

Most of Grandmama's siblings. G'Ma's on the far right. After she turned 100, she joked that she bet her brothers and sisters thought she "didn't make it up there."

2. Pretties. Grandmama wasn't a fancy woman, but she enjoyed having pretty things. Among the ones I love . . .
A crystal bowl. I'm sure this will hold plenty of Hershey's kisses before I'm done with it.
Grandmama loved a tablecloth and centerpiece, so I immediately put this pink one on my kitchen table for Easter. I think she would approve.
Here's another tablecloth. It's square, and I don't have a square table, but I'm thinking of cutting a section and framing it to put in the kitchen or serving area.
Pillowcases. These looked to be hand done, but I don't know for sure that Grandmama did them. Regardless, they are lovely.
3. Jewelry. Grandmama had a blue jewelry box that she kept in a dresser drawer. It locked . . . with a key. It mesmerized me as a child, and I remember spending countless hours looking through her jewelry, as did the other two girl cousins. When it came time to  divide up her jewelry, no one got the jewelry box. It's better that way. Some things are untouchable.
A pretty little dish with some of G'Ma's jewels. I remember her wearing the two pins often. And the earrings -- or earbobs, as she called them -- were always my favorite. See a closeup of them below.
Her "earbobs." So special to me!

A pin deferred to me because it reminded them all of my cat. Funny. I don't see the resemblance. Do you?
Since I grew up to be a proofreader, this pin was kind of special. G'Ma was awarded this for going a whole year without missing a spelling word. Can you make out the year? 1921.

4. Her Handiwork. Grandmama's hands were always moving. And while her vision was good, she crocheted lots of things to give as gifts.
Hand towels were one of her specialties. I'll never see one that I don't think of her. I especially treasure the one with the blue top. Its button was sewn on with green thread that doesn't match, a sign that her vision was slipping when she made this one . . . but she still made it.
Among her other goodies were dish cloths (on the right) and tissue box covers (on the left).
For the record, the tissue box cover also makes a pretty nifty winter hat.

5. Clothes. As it turns out, Grandmama had some serious style. Her closet was packed with beautiful clothes, a lot that she never even took the tags off of.
Gloves, gloves and more gloves. The red ones are lined, brand-new and perfect for cold weather. The white ones are dainty and ladylike, and the black ones won't fit my fat fingers in a million years, but I'm holding on to them anyway because they would make the perfect finishing touch to my alter ego's costume.

This was one fairly interesting. It looks like a cute cosmetics bag . . .
But open it up, and inside are disturbingly flat shoe covers for rainy days. These also go in the box for my superhero moments.
Grandmama wore this dress to my wedding and my cousin's wedding. Instead of fighting over  which of us should get it, I'm going to have it repurposed into throw pillows or something. Any suggestions?
This is the one thing that did me in. It's her housecoat. I remember her wearing this when I would spend the night with her as a little girl. After her bath, she would put this on, and I would curl up next to her on the couch, and she smelled like Caress soap. The pink kind. The pocket always held a starlight mint and a Kleenex. God, I miss her.

6. Miscellaneous Items That Probably Don't Mean Anything to Anyone But Me. 
Her prescription bifocal sunglasses (rock on, G'Ma!) and her hairbrush.

I gave her this tin of my special pecans this past Christmas. She loved to snack, and this tin was cleaned out when we retrieved it after she died. Yay! I love when I gave her something she liked.

7. Gifts She Never Used.
A pearl necklace and earrings I gave her. Nope. Never wore 'em. And that's why you always give gifts you'd like to have yourself. You may get them back some day. Just kidding. (Kind of.)
We are a blanket-loving family. And this one will keep my feet toasty warm.
A veritable Bath and Body Works of scented lotions, candles and other toiletries she never got to use. Keep in mind that this is my share. We divided her stash up 5 ways. Girlfriend had a ton of good-smelling stuff.

It's funny to look at this stuff collected together. Combined, they may be worth $15, but to me, these items are priceless. Just like Grandmama!

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