Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm the Worst Homebody Ever

"On the road again . . ."
--Willie Nelson

I am a total homebody. I always have been. I really like the idea of traveling, but the lure of my own stuff in my own house is just too great. Plus, when you travel, you get behind on all your work, and I'm a little too obsessive-compulsive to deal with all of that.

I did fly to Washington, DC all by myself like a big girl once for work. Of course, I was married at the time.

And there are lots of places I want to see (reference the bucket list). I just wish there was a way to take my house and bed and everything with me when I go.

To be such a homebody, though, I sure do have a lot of travel on the schedule. Nowhere particularly fun. Just an hour or so away. But still, I'll be racking up the miles on the old Honda this month. 

I went with Jack to a swim meet this past weekend, I'm going with Mo to an audition this weekend, and then I'm heading to another swim meet with Jack the next weekend. If it weren't for these kids, I may never leave the house. (And I might be okay with that.)

Approaching the 200,000-mile mark.
The thought of work piling up while I'm away is already stressing me out, but I'll deal with it. I'm looking forward to some fun times with the kiddos in the coming weeks.
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