Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy 104th Birthday, Grandmama!

"Through my grandmother's eyes I can see more clearly the way things used to be, the way things ought to be, and most important of all, the way things really are."
--Ed Cunningham

I've been meaning to do a Christmas post for the past two days. And while the holiday is certainly a special one, this one has been bittersweet. It is the first Grandmama's birthday/Christmas Day since she went to the nursing home. Not having her with us all day has been really hard.

Trying to come to terms with our changing situation has kind of overshadowed my Christmas spirit. 

Don't get me wrong: I've had wonderful Christmas celebrations with Stephen's family and my family (both sides). I've celebrated in church with a peaceful and poignant Christmas Eve service last night and a joyful worship service today.

But my true joy today came from the short bit of time I was able to spend with Grandmama. We took her presents, poinsettias and a cake to celebrate her 104-year milestone, and she was gracious and precious.

Happy 104th, Grandmama!!
Even as her abilities decrease with age, she is still leading her family by example. Always smiling, quick-witted, selfless, with a sweet tooth to rival any other. She is beautiful. She is thoughtful. She is graceful. And she is my grandmother.
Four generations - Grandmama is a true family matriarch.
Happy birthday, Grandmama! I love you!!

P.S. Merry Christmas. I'll reflect on it tomorrow!!

"So if you have a grandma,
Thank the good Lord up above,
And give grandma hugs and kisses,
For grandmothers are to love."
--Lois Wyse

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