Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Day 24 -- Apparently I'm Weird

"Mom, we're all family. We don't care that you're weird."
--Mo Roddey

Oh, that Mo has such a way with words, as demonstrated in her quote above. But I realized that I am very fortunate to have some people in my life who accept me, despite my  . . . quirks.

It's nice to have a great, albeit small, group of people who love me and all that comes with me -- my sarcasm, my oddball sense of humor, my tendency to dance with unsuspecting people, my affinity for red wine and Cheez-Its, my ability to attract trouble, my sensitivity when trouble comes, my prayers that rhyme, my clumsiness and my off-the-beaten-path socks.

First step toward overcoming the bird phobia?
Yes, I realize it's just a decoy. Get off my back. I gotta start somewhere.

To the friends and family who love me for me, I am thankful for you.

And to all of you reading, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
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