Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Day 16 -- I See

"For we walk in faith, not by sight."
--Jesus Christ

Today I am thankful for contact lenses.

My vision is terrible. Let me put it this way: If we walked by sight and not by faith and I didn't have those slippery little suckers in my eyes, I would be seriously screwed.

I placed an order on Monday for new contact lenses, only to have the order cancelled because "that eye doctor does not have you listed as a patient." Hmmmmm. I guess that's not surprising, since I haven't been to the eye doctor since just before I got married. About a month before my nuptials, I had a major detailing while I was still on Daddy's insurance. So, for those of you keeping up with the math, that's about 13 years since I visited my friendly neighborhood optometrist.

Sooooo, in order to get more contacts, I had to have my eyes checked, which I did today. Yay me!

I read the eye chart first with my contacts in. Not to brag, but I aced that bad boy! Showed it who was boss. 

Then I took my contacts out, and I vaguely remember kinda seeing, if I squinted and tilted my head just a smidge, that big black E at the top of the eye chart. Who knew?! If I'm awake, I've got my contacts in, so I never really realized how sad my vision is.

Anyway, I got a brand, spankin' new prescription for contacts (and I'll have you know that in 13 years, my prescription changed only .25 contact lens point thingies). So there.

I salute you, contact lens. Without you, I'd have a very difficult time renewing my driver's license.

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