Monday, October 3, 2011

Back to the Bucket

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home."  --Twyla Tharp

Talk about things not working out like you'd planned . . . . Between Jack getting strep and Grandmama breaking her hip, I feel like I've gotten very little accomplished in the past two weeks.

I did manage to get Jack's birthday presents in time for his big day Friday, and he had a swim team friend spend the night last night for the occasion, so maybe we're getting back on track.

An awesome pool cake for my little swimmer,
courtesy of Nana & Papa and Chocolate Wonderland.

My initial thought was to tackle the bucket list in order, but let's be serious: I'm not going to skydive before I get my house organized. That would be poor planning in the off chance the jump doesn't end well. So we're going to skip #2 for now.

The third item on my list, putting up only local art, is an ongoing project for me. I have a deep appreciation for the arts. I am into the dramatic arts, and I love music and visual arts, but I have no talent for the latter. Even my stick figures look mangled, and my singing makes the cat cry. For the record, though, my kids think I sing beautifully. Sadly, I think that means they're tone deaf.

Even if I can't create masterpieces of my own, I can support those in my area who can. I have art in my home now by the likes of Charleston artist Jim Booth, the one and only Ernest Lee (a.k.a. "The Chicken Man") and, of course,Gatewood Roddey Kistler, Stephen's late aunt. When Gatewood died, all of her nieces and nephews went to clean out her home and found tons and tons of her art -- watercolors, mixed media, oil paintings, pencil sketches, and on and on. We were able to get as many as we wanted, and they are certainly helping to fill my walls with local art. Other pieces include family portraits, silhouettes of my youngsters, cross-stitched pictures by my mom, and prints that just made me smile (see Matilda Witherspoon below).

A pair of chickens by Ernest Lee. I also have two palm trees by him.

Cross-stitched by my mom for Mo's room

My favorite one from Gatewood.
The one in the back is a print of my church.

Captain Roddey in the dining room

Matilda Witherspoon. Love her!

Those are some of the highlights, but I still have a huge wall in the living room that I need to fill.

Who are some fabulous local artists I need to know about?

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