Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Introduction

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be." --William Shakespeare

Before we get too far into this blog, I should probably tell you about myself so the items on my bucket list make a little more sense.

I've been married to my husband, Stephen, for 13 years. He is a wonderful, funny man ... and he's hot. I mean, super hot. But don't tell him; I don't think he knows.

We have two spectacular children: Jack, almost 10, and Margaret (Mo), 6. They are both really funny kids, so they should give me lots to write about. Jack is a swimmer. Mo is into dancing and singing ... and just being Mo. Jack is fairly shy and introspective. Mo is not. They are complete opposites in every way. Jack likes his cereal with very little milk so the cereal stays crunchy; Mo likes her cereal mushy. I struggle to remember who likes what, and they get mad.

I am an Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP), which despite the way it sounds, is not some crazy cult that will have me chanting things in a meadow. The people at my church are an extension of my family. I've been a member since birth, I met Stephen there, was married there and baptized both kids there. (For what it's worth, my parents were married there too.) We are a conservative lot. We like our worship service traditional. You won't hear much contemporary music there. My car, however, is another matter. I can belt out some Mandisa or Sidewalk Prophets with the best of 'em. And yes, ARPs believe in predestination. If you have a question about that, just ask me. It's probably not what you're thinking.

I was diagnosed in the past year with fibromyalgia. That means I have chronic full-body pain and fatigue. My doc and I have been trying new combinations of medicines during this time, and my ability to sleep soundly all night has evaporated. Now I take a pill at night to help me sleep ... which I hate.

I have super friends. Not a lot of them. I choose carefully. The ones I have are hysterical and will call me out in love if I do something stupid. I cherish them more than they probably know.

I'm very close to my parents and sister. I can't go long at all without talking to them, and they live within 15 minutes of my house. I have a 103-year-old grandmother who is an inspiration and true joy, and we're all hurting as we watch her mental health decline.

If I've angered someone, I have to address it immediately. I hate when someone is mad at me or dislikes me. I care what people think of me. That's why this blog is kind of a big deal. It's opening me up to judgment, and I pray I can handle that with grace.

Oh, and I'm southern. How could I forget that?! I am sweet tea and magnolias, flip-flops and boiled peanuts, slow-talkin' and heart-blessin'.

That should be enough to get us started. I'm so excited to be doing this!

Help me keep it interesting by adding your thoughts. Let's get a dialog going.

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