Monday, September 26, 2011

A Tribute of Sorts

"Her children arise and call her blessed." --Proverbs 31:28

After an even-crazier-than-usual week, it's nice to be back to the blogging world.

In my last installment of A Drop in the Bucket, I promised to delve into what my grandmother means to our family. I reflect on her even more than usual after her fall Thursday that left her with a broken hip. Jack told his friend that she "took a dive in a waterless pool." She had surgery on Friday and is doing amazingly well.

Grandmama with my two, Jack and Margaret

At age 103, she is clearly something special. But we knew she was special long before she reached a milestone age. No one can make biscuits like Grandmama or hug like Grandmama  or smell as yummy as Grandmama. Her name, Grace, suits her perfectly, because it is with grace that she handles everyone and everything that comes her way, including my grandfather's longtime battle with Parkinson's Disease. I will never forget the strength she showed during those difficult years. (He died in 1990.)

She has four grandchildren, and while we have always felt we were the center of her world (if we wanted it, Grandmama stopped at nothing to give it to us), as the years have gone by, she has become the center of ours. She is the sun that we orbit around. 

Four generations -- Kind of our version of a Where's Waldo picture.
Where's Grandmama? (Hint: She's the short one.)

The cousins are more like siblings, three girls and one boy (I am the youngest). While our relationship is closer at some times that others, as life stages and circumstances draw our attention in all directions, Grandmama is the glue that keeps us all close. It's as if she is our gravity.

Inevitably, we will one day face a time without her. I think we're all trying to prepare for that. We know she won't live forever, although at times like this, we're fairly certain she'll outlive all of us! When that day comes, I will be so happy for the victory that is finally Grandmama's to claim. But selfishly, I worry about what that means for those she leaves behind.

What happens to people when gravity's gone?

I pray a lot, cry a little and trust that the example she has set is enough of an anchor to hold us all together.

Thanks for indulging me the opportunity to publicly love on Grandmama. Next time, it's back to regularly scheduled programming. I'm tackling another item on the bucket list.

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